Making Legal Servings Easy

At secure server, we help law firms around town with multiple services. We take pride in making legal processing easy and stress-free for our clients.

Secure Serve

Process serving

We have highly-experienced process servers who are committed to delivering legal documents in a litigation process. We follow all the procedures while delivering documents to individuals who are involved in the case and ensure it is error-free and accurate.

Skip Tracing

When you need skip tracing services in Nevada, secure server are the ones whom you can trust. We are a team of intelligent professionals who perform the task safely and provide information that is relevant to the clients. We strive to deliver the most up-to-date databases and current information on individuals.

Subpoena Execution

When you need a witness to present for your case, secure server take the extra mile to provide subpoena execution services on time. We understand the importance and try our best to make it successful for our clients.

Court Document Filing

Preparing and filing court documents can be intimidating, challenging, and requires experts’ suggestions. Our professionals are well-trained, skilled, and proficient in providing error-free court documents for your case. We help you save time and excessive legal fees.